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Taxonomic Accounts of Haliptilon sp. (Corallinaceae, Rhodophyta) from Korea
Do Sung Choi, Ji Hee Kim, In Kyu Lee
ALGAE. 1997;12(4):291-301.
Taxonomic Study on the Charophytes in Korea I. Chara and Lamprothamnium
Kwang-Chul Choi, Young-Hwan Kim
ALGAE. 1997;12(3):177-206.
Intertidal Benthic Marine Algae at Chumunjin on the East Coast of Korea: Flora, Distribution and Community Structure
Young Hwan Kim, Ki Wan Nam, Chul Hyun Sohn
ALGAE. 1997;12(2):117-130.
Neurotoxin-producing Pseudonitzschia multiseries (Hasle) Hasle, in the Coastal Waters of Southern Korea II. Production of Domoic Acid
Jin Hwan Lee, Jung Hyun Baik
ALGAE. 1997;12(1):31-38.
Historical Review and Prospect on Diatoms in Korea
Jin-Hwan Lee
ALGAE. 1996;11(3):247-267.
Two Species of Polysiphonia, P. scopulorum Harvey and P. flaccidissima Hollenberg (Rhodomelaceae, Rhodophyta) New to Korea
Myung Sook Kim, In Kyu Lee
ALGAE. 1996;11(1):141-148.
Haraldiophyllum (Rhodophyta): a Delesseriaceous Genus Newly Recorded in Korea
Ki wan Nam, Young Sik Kim
ALGAE. 1996;11(1):101-106.
Note on the Dictyotaceae (Phaeophyta) from Ullungdo Island, Korea
Wook Jae Lee, In Kyu Lee
ALGAE. 1996;11(1):59-64.
Morphotaxonomic Studies on the Korean Charophyta I. Four Taxa of Nitella Agardh New to Korea
Kwang Chul Choi, Young Hwan Kim, Dumun Choe
ALGAE. 1996;11(1):35-43.
Taxonomic Studies on Diatoms in Korea III. Koreanization of Terminology
Jin-Hwan Lee, Kyung Lee, Joong-Ki Choi
ALGAE. 1995;10(0):91-118.
Taxonomic Studies on Diatoms in Korea I. Classification System and Koreanization of Classification Level
Joong-Ki Choi, Jin-Hwan Lee, Kyung Lee
ALGAE. 1995;10(0):1-11.
Vegetative and Reproductive Anatomy of Polyneura japonica (Yamada) Mikami (Delesseriaceae, Rhodophyta) in Korea
Young Sik Kim, Ki Wan Nam
ALGAE. 1994;9(2):179-184.
Two Species of Porphyra (Bangiales, Rhodophyta), P. koreana sp. nov. and P. lacerata Miura from Korea
Mi Sook Hwang, In Kyu Lee
ALGAE. 1994;9(2):169-177.
Porphyra, Undaria and Hizikia cultivation in Korea
Chul-Hyun Sohn
ALGAE. 1993;8(2):207-216.
A Study on the Community Structure of Intertidal Marine Benthic Algae in the East Coast of Korea I. An intertidal marine benthic algal community at Sokcho
Jae-Wan Lee, Hae-Bok Lee, In-Kyu Lee
ALGAE. 1993;8(1):67-75.
Distribution and Toxin Profiles of Alexandrium tamarense(Lebour) Balach (Dinoflagellate) in the Southeastern Coastal Waters, Korea
Myung-Soo Han, Joong-Kyun Jeon, Yang-Ho Yoon
ALGAE. 1993;8(1):7-13.
A Checklist of Marine Tychopelagic and Benthic Diatoms in Korea
Joong-Ki Choi
ALGAE. 1990;5(1):73-116.
Algal Zonation and Seasonality in Subtidal Area of an Wave-exposed Coast at Ohori, East Coast of Korea
Chul-Hwan Koh, Sang-Hee Oh, Nackil Sung, Inyoung Ahn, Young-Chul Kang
ALGAE. 1989;4(2):171-182.
Binghamiopsis caespitosa gen. et sp. nov. (Lomentariaceae, Rhodophyceae) from the Eastern Pacific
In Kyu Lee, John A. West, Max H. Hommersand
ALGAE. 1988;3(1):1-13.
The Flora of the Fresh-Water Algae in Chol-La Nam-Do, Korea (I) Euglenophyceae
Wui In-Sun, Baik-Ho Kim
ALGAE. 1987;2(1):119-127.
The Fine Structure of New Recorded Pennate Diatoms in Korea
Choi Joong Ki, Jae Hoon Noh
ALGAE. 1987;2(1):97-117.
A Summer Algal Vegetation in Youngil Bay, Eastern Coast of Korea
Hae-Bok Lee, Yoon-Sik Oh
ALGAE. 1986;1(1):225-240.
An Ecological Study of the Intertidal Macroalgae in Kwangyang Bay, Southern Coast of Korea
Choon-Bok Song
ALGAE. 1986;1(1):203-223.
On the Marine Benthic Algal Community of Chuckdo in Eastern Coast of Korea
Ki-Wan Nam
ALGAE. 1986;1(1):185-202.
Algal Communities of Sinsudo, Southern Coast and Woldo, Western Coast of Korea
Hyung-Geun Kim, Chul-Hyun Sohn, Jae-Won Kang
ALGAE. 1986;1(1):169-183.
Flora of Marine Algae in Cheju Island 1. Ulvaceae
In-Kyu Lee, Yong-Pil Lee, Young-Sheen Ahn
ALGAE. 1986;1(1):157-167.
An Occurrence and Distribution of Phytoplankton in Korean Coastal Waters, 1930's-1980's
Chang-Hwan Cho
ALGAE. 1986;1(1):135-143.
Freshwater Chlorophyceae on Chilgok-Kun Area
Joo-Tae Kim, Jun Chung
ALGAE. 1986;1(1):117-134.
Two Species of Sphacelaria New to Korea
Sung-Min Boo, Young-Tai Choi
ALGAE. 1986;1(1):95-101.
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