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Morphotaxonomic Studies on the Korean Ectocarpaceae (Phaeophyta). III. Genus Feldmannia Hamel, Specially Referred to Morphogenesis and Phylogenetic Relationship among Related Genera
Hyung-Seop Kim, In Kyu Lee
Algae. 1994;9(2):153-168.
A Taxonomic Study on Pediastrum tetras (Ehrenberg) Ralfs
Mi Ran Kim, Yoon Kyung Chang
Algae. 1994;9(2):145-152.
Taxonomy of the Rhodochortaceae with Special Reference to the Plants in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean
Yong-Pil Lee
Algae. 1993;8(2):161-178.
Sphacelariales (Phaeophyceae) of the World, a New Synthesis
Willem F. Prud'homme van Reine
Algae. 1993;8(2):145-160.
Taxonomy of Ulvaceae, Monostromataceae and Percursariaceae (Chlorophyta) in Australia
Geoffrey W. Woolcott, Robert J. King
Algae. 1993;8(2):121-144.
Heterotrophic Protists and he Origins of Photosynthetic Eukaryotes: An Updated Summary
Charles J. O'Kelly
Algae. 1993;8(2):99-108.
Continuity, an Essential Ingredient of Modern Taxonomy
Paul C. Silva
Algae. 1993;8(2):83-90.
A Taxonomic Study on the Genus Pachymeniopsis (Halymeniaceae, Rhodophyta) in Korea
Hae-Bok Lee, In-Kyu Lee
Algae. 1993;8(1):55-65.
Morphotaxonomic Studies on the Korean Ecotcarpaceae(Phaeophyta) II. Genus Hincksia J. E. Gray
Hyung-Seop Kim, In-Kyu Lee
Algae. 1992;7(2):243-256.
Morphotaxonomic Studies on the Korean Ectocarpaceae(Phaeophyta) I. Genus Ectocarpus Lyngbye
Hyung-Seop Kim, In-Kyu Lee
Algae. 1992;7(2):225-242.
Taxonomy and Phylogeny of the Marine Diatom Family Hemidiscaceae in the Korean Coastal Waters
Jin-Hwan Lee, Jung-Shin Byun, Eun-Ho Lee
Algae. 1992;7(2):185-205.
A Study of Diatom Species Gomphonema vibrio Ehr. var. subcapitatum (Mayer) Lee, comb. nov.
Jung Ho Lee, Toshikazu Gotoh, Jun Chung
Algae. 1992;7(1):79-87.
The Diatom Genus Coscinodiscus Ehrenberg: C. wailesii Gran and Angst
Jin Hwan Lee, Yoon Hee Jung, Chung Il Choi
Algae. 1992;7(1):55-62.
Morphology of Eunotia multiplastidica sp. nov. (Bacillariophyceae) Examined throughout the Life Cycle
Shigeki Mayama
Algae. 1992;7(1):45-54.
Morpholoty and Taxonomy of Spatoglossum latum sp. nov. (Dictyotales, Phaeophyceae) from Japan
Jiro Tanaka
Algae. 1992;7(1):27-32.
Taxonomic Features of Polysiphonia morrowii Harvey (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta)
Toshihiko Kudo, Michio Masuda
Algae. 1992;7(1):13-26.
A Taxonomic Appraisal on Campylaephora crassa (Ceramiaceae, Rhodophyta)
Sung Min Boo
Algae. 1992;7(1):7-12.
Reproduction and Life History of Antithamnion secundum Itono (Ceramiaceae, Rhodophyta)
Kim Gwang Hoon, In Kyu Lee
Algae. 1992;7(1):1-6.
Padina ryukyuana Lee, Y.P. et Kamura, a New marine Brown Alga from Southern Japan
Young Pil Lee, Shintoku Kamura
Algae. 1991;6(2):91-96.
Two Species of Anotrichium Naegeli (Ceramiaceae, Rhodophyta) in Korea, Specially Referred to the Subgeneric Groups
Hyung-Seop Kim, In Kyu Lee
Algae. 1991;6(1):13-22.
A Taxonomic Study on the Genus Scenedesmus in Korea (I)
Seon-Sook An, Yoon-Kyung Chang
Algae. 1990;5(2):123-129.
A Taxonomic Reappraisal of Antithamnionella breviramosa (Dawson) Wollaston (Rhodophyta, Ceramiaceae)
Gwang-Hoon Kim, In-Kyu Lee
Algae. 1990;5(2):117-122.
Taxonomy of Sargassum
Tadao Yoshida
Algae. 1989;4(2):107-110.
Taxonomy on the Elachistaceae (Chordariales, Phaeophyta) with Special Reference to Korean Plants
Yong Pil Lee
Algae. 1989;4(2):97-106.
A Taxonomic Study of the Genus Scenedesmus in Korea
Yoon Kyung Chang, Sun Sook Ann
Algae. 1989;4(2):79-85.
The Diatom Genus Coscinodiscus Ehrenberg: C. jonesianus (Ehrenb.) Ostenfeld
Jin Hwan Lee
Algae. 1989;4(2):69-78.
Notes on Galaxaura (Rhodophyta) from Cheju Island
Yong Pil Lee, In-Kyu Lee
Algae. 1989;4(1):1-9.
A Taxonomic Study on the Genus Cyclotella , Bacillariophyceae , in Korea Waters
Jin Hwan Lee, Eun Ho Lee
Algae. 1988;3(2):133-145.
A Chemotaxonomic Study on Geographical Variations of Korean Fucales Plants 2. Lectin
Soon Ae Yoo, Kyung Sook Park, Ki Sung Lee
Algae. 1988;3(2):129-132.
A Chemotaxonomic Study on Geographical Variations of Korean Fucales Plants 1. The analyses of pigment , phospholipid , neutral fat and inorganic polyphosphate
Soon Ae Yoo, Ki Sung Lee
Algae. 1988;3(2):119-127.
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