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Algae > Volume 23(2); 2008 > Article
Algae 2008;23(2): 119-133. doi: https://doi.org/10.4490/algae.2008.23.2.119
Life History and Systematic Studies of Pseudothrix borealis gen. et sp. nov. (=North Pacific Capsosiphon groenlandicus, Ulotrichaceae, Chlorophyta)
Louis A. Hanic and Sandra C. Lindstrom*
Department of Botany, #3529-6270 University Blvd., University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6T 1Z4
*Corresponding Author  Email: sandracl@interchange.ubc.ca
We cultured a tubular marine green alga, originally identified as Capsosiphon groenlandicus (J. Agardh) K.L. Vinogradova, from Amaknak Island, Alaska. The alga had an alternation of heteromorphic generations in which tubular monoecious fronds produced quadriflagellate zoospores and/or biflagellate isogametes. The gametes fused to produce cysts or Codiolum-like zygotes with long, tortuous stalks. Cysts and codiola produced 8-16 aplanospores, which germinated in situ to yield upright fronds. Fronds arising from both aplanospores and zoospores displayed a distinctive development in which non-septate colorless rhizoids from the base of the initially uniseriate, Ulothrix-like filament were transformed into septate uniseriate Ulothrix-like photosynthetic filaments. These transformed filaments then developed new basal non-septate rhizoids. This pattern of rhizoids becoming filaments, which then produced new rhizoids, was repeated to yield a tuft of up to 50 fronds. Periclinal and longitudinal divisions occurred in each filament, starting basally, until the mature tubular thallus was achieved. Pyrenoid ultrastructure revealed several short inward extensions of chloroplast lamellae, each of which was surrounded by pyrenoglobuli. Analysis of ribosomal SSU and ITS sequences placed this alga in the family Ulotrichaceae, order Ulotrichales, together with but as a distinct species from North Atlantic Capsosiphon groenlandicus. Analysis of a partial ITS sequence from authentic Capsosiphon fulvescens, the current name of the type of the genus Capsosiphon, indicated that neither our material nor C. groenlandicus belongs in that genus, and we propose a new genus, Pseudothrix, to accommodate both species. We propose P. borealis for the North Pacific entity formerly called C. groenlandicus and make the new combination P. groenlandica for the Atlantic species.
Key words: Capsosiphon fulvescens, Capsosiphon groenlandicus, life history, morphology, Protomonostroma undulatum,

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