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Algae > Volume 23(4); 2008 > Article
Algae 2008;23(4): 257-268. doi: https://doi.org/10.4490/algae.2008.23.4.257
The Distribution and Standing Crop of Phytoplankton at the Estuaries of Galgok Stream and Incheon River in Jeollanam-do
Ok-Min Lee*, Mi-Sun Yoo, Byung In Lee and An Suk Lim
Department of Biology, Kyonggi University, Suwon 443-760, Korea
*Corresponding Author  Email: omlee@kyonggi.ac.kr
Species composition, standing crop and dominant species of phytoplankton were investigated at 6 sites of Galgok stream and Incheon river which run into Gomso Bay, Jeollanam-do in April, August and November 2007. Total of 210 taxa were found which were classified as 6 classes, 12 orders, 25 families, 66 genera, 177 species, 27 varieties, 5 forms and 1 unidentified species. These river and stream had lower concentration of T-N and T-P compared to that of others; however, the site 2 of Galgok stream in summer was hypertrophic in T-P and also near hypertrophic in TN, and the site 1 in Incheon river during fall appeared to be hypertrophic in T-N, and the site 3 in summer showed near hypertrophic level in T-P. Determining the trophic status of the water quality based on chlorophyll a (chl-a), the site 3 of Galgok stream in spring and the site 3 of Incheon river in fall were oligotrophic; moreover, 6 sites including the site 2 and 3 of Galgok stream in summer were mesotrophic, and 9 sites including all sites of Galgok stream in fall turned out to be eutrophic. Particularly, the site 1 of Galgok stream in summer was hypertrophic, having 58.19 mg chl-a m?3. There was a conspicuous difference between two values of standing crops based on chl-a and cell counting. This discrepancy may have occurred because of abundant cyanophytes and exclusion of picoplankton cells in cell counting. In the study, 5 cyanophytes, Synechocystis aquatilis, Microcystis aeruginosa, M. flos-aquae, Oscillatoria angustissima, O. limnetica and 2 diatoms, Thalassiosira bramaputrae and Navicula viridula var. rostellata were abundant. Based on the T-N, T-P values, standing crops and cell counting in Galgok stream and Incheon river were between mesotrophic and eutrophic conditions.
Key words: cell counting, chlorophyll a, dominant species, Galgok stream, Incheon river, standing crop, trophic

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