Splitting blades: why genera need to be more carefully defined; the case for Pyropia (Bangiales, Rhodophyta)

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Algae. 2022;37(4):349-349
Publication date (electronic) : 2022 December 15
doi : https://doi.org/10.4490/algae.2022.37.12.7
1School of Biological Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington, PO Box 600, Wellington 6140, New Zealand
2Department of Biological Sciences, Kongju National University, Gongju 32588, Korea

Algae 2022; 37(3):205–211; https://doi.org/10.4490/algae.2022.37.9.11

The second author’s name was misprinted. The name should be corrected as follows:

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Giuseppe C. Zuccarello1, Xianying Wen2, Gwang Hoon Kim2,*

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